We assist you in trimming your company’s processes and in making them less complex so that your company can become a leader in its sector. The rapidly changing markets call for organisational change. Our range of services is on offer to you to find the most suitable IT solution for your needs.

  • ERP Consulting

    A thorough consultation is essential for the success of a project. Our consulting service has evolved from the experience gained through the numerous projects which we have undertaken in many different business areas. Our IT solutions and architecture can optimize your business processes and help to achieve the desired transparency in your company.

    Company processes across all the necessary departments can be carried out very quickly using our optimized and fully integrated ERP module. Breaks between media can be avoided, errors in communication eliminated and operational activities speeded up.

  • Business-Intelligence

    With our Business Intelligence solutions, your employees are able to carry out analyses, develop plans and create reports and dashboards independently.As a result, they are in a position to respond to their own operational requirements and to create solutions at short notice.
    Naturally, we are pleased to support you in the implementation of definite analyses. We will work together with you to build performance measurement systems as well as evalution methods in the form of reports, analyses and dashboards in order to receive prime management data.

    Our objective is for you to concentrate on your core business and to use only one IT solution for your evaluations. We can offer you an extensive concept which gives you the necessary scope and the required flexibility in staff and project planning — a solutions recommendation which should help your company to be in a position to operate dynamically in the rapidly changing markets.

  • Individual Software Development

    Our in-house developments have given us many years’ experience in the area of Rich-Internet applications. We can depict very quickly desktop applications as web applications and open up numerous possibilities for you. We can implement your IT solutions very quickly thanks to our expertise in business processes.

    We fall back on various technologies, types of architecture and programming languages to create your individual software in many different business areas.

  • High Availability

    Business critical applications have to be mapped highly available nowadays. Technical breakdowns can often cost you a lot of money and lead to difficulties with deliveries. With increased market competition several periods of downtime in your IT systems could lead to a loss in sales or even to your company losing clients.

    Availability Classes and Maximum Downtime

    AvailabilityAvailability ClassesMax. Downtime per monthMax. Downtime per year
    99 %27,3 Stunden87,66 Stunden
    99,9 %343,8 Minuten8,76 Stunden
    99,99 %54,38 Minuten52,6 Minuten
    99,999 %626,3 Sekunden5,26 Minuten

    Even up to a few years ago, high availability clusters were very expensive. Nowadays high availability clusters can be connected inexpensively to two physical servers and to suitable software components. Both servers communicate with each other, where only one of the two servers acts as the primary system. If the primary system happens to become unavailable, the second server automatically springs into action and takes over all the processes of the primary server. The user will have to log back into the system, but is able to continue working after only a few seconds.

    The company does not come to a standstill. The adminstration department can collect orders, the production area can continue manufacturing and the warehousing area make out production orders and complete deliveries. There is therefore no downtime, nor are there high costs caused by company downtime. The IT department can repair the cluster calmly without the management breathing down their necks.

    • Individual MySQL HA solutions
    • 99.9999% security
    • Master / Slave replication
    • Active / Passive Failover Cluster with DRBD
    • Active / Passive Failover Cluster with SAM
    • MySQL Cluster

    The HA solutions can be configured individually according to client specifications. We offer a free consultation to all potential clients.


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