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Conventional printing and distribution via mail of invoices are expensive and costly. Postage and the bagging of the invoices causes costs that have no additional benefit but has to be paid. Reduce your costs! Simple and fast with the electronic invoicing. SmartComm promise a short period of induction and a fully integrated transaction with existing ERP/inventory control system. The following goals are persuade:

  • Reduce the effort of manually bagging
  • Use personnel more effective in the company
  • Reduce costs for printing and postage



Send your invoices via email or EDI to your business partner and keep track of everything. The whole procedure from the import, the distribution of that to the archiving of the invoices is fully automated in SmartComm. SmartComm imports your invoices from the ERP-System and send them via email or via EDI to your customers. You have the full overview over the format of the invoice because of the automated transmission confirmation. Emails can be confirmed by your customers via a read confirmation. The advisor (creator of the invoice: User of the ERP-System) gets the detailed information via email. SmartComm reacts, if  the mailbox is full or if emails could not be delivered. After three tries to deliver the email, the system escalates and sends an email to the advisor.


SmartComm is a Web-Application and runs on every major Application-Server (Tomcat, HBoss, Jetty, etc.). You can access SmartComm from everywhere because of the Web-ability. The invoices from the ERP-System are written into a temporary table and the invoice is stored on any location as PDF-File. SmartComm imports this data and starts the email distribution or the creation of the EDI automatically. After the sending of the invoice the advisors gets a protocol via email which invoice was send to which email address or EDI receiver. Read confirmation are minuted immediately and can be perceive every time.

Individually Templates:

You can give us your email templates after your CI „Corporate Identity“. We transfer all this emails that are generated by SmartComm.

FTP / SFTP Transfer:

Save data transfer of EDI-Messages via SFTP.

Exchange Server Connection:

We use your exchange server to send emails. Thereby we make sure that your mails are run through your exchange server.

Multi Database:

Easy connection to the existing ERP-System through the import via XML or directly via the database (MySL,MSSQL,Oracle, etc.). Support all JDBC Databases.


SmartComm can archive your sales invoice into a law certificated format.

Decentralized Control:

Invoices can be read from different systems and can be send or archived centrally.

Project result

We know the Ragaller GmbH as reliable and high competent partner. We optimize and reduce the processes with joy and we are happy about every project success. The cooperation in this project was also very comfortable. The base of the project success results into the transparent and good cooperation. Because of that we want to thank you the Ragaller GmbH.


„We are happy that we could send our invoices on one day after only a short period of induction. We save 0.80-1.00 € per Invoice. That makes with 3.000 invoices per Month 36.000 € per year. Our project has been amortized within 3 month. We are happy about the success and looking forward to the following projects that we can realize with the acar software GmbH.“

Head of IT Herr Prox


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