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W-Control – warehousing software

W-Control assists you in handling and monitoring your prime warehousing processes.

Whether you are a commercial enterprise or a manufacturing company, the warehouse is very often the bottle neck and also the expense factor of many companies. The flow of materials determines in many ways the sucess of each commerical or manufacturing enterprise. The expected number of sales increases, your clinets expect to receive their deliveries in the shortest possible time, the warehousing area becomes bigger and bigger — the demands on the warehousing logistics continue to grow. So that you are able to handle this increase in pressure on your warehousing and also complete your deliveries on time, we have implemented our experience into our own software solutions. Our extensive experience in company operations has shown that solutions will always be developed further and all clients can benefit from the new functions which are incorporated here.

You can conduct and manage the operations processes in your warehousing area using this web compatible warehousing software and handscanners. The following processes can be displayed in detail: storage, adjustments, production order processing, removal from storage and inventory taking. Warehouse management supports stock location, storage areas, special stock, client warehouses as well as batch management and can be used by any ERP system.

  • arrival of goods from external orders or from the production area
  • storage with an automatically generated batch number
  • transfer of stock with batch numbers, client warehousing or special stock
  • removal from stock
  • production orders with an optimized route, minimization of errors in the producing of orders
  • random warehousing
  • dispatch of goods with an interface to the ERP system
  • inventory


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